International Interpreting, Translation & PR Services, LLC
is a company based in the USA, providing service around
the world for over 13 years
, member of American
Translators Association (ATA).

The founders of the company and its contractors are
professionals with high level of education in linguistics,
interpreting, translation, and PR services, received from
world’s best universities and business schools.

More than a thousand of individual contractors of
International Interpreting, Translation & PR Services, LLC
provide services in over than 30 foreign languages:
Russian, English, Spanish, Italian, German, French,
Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese; and rare languages –
Arabic, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Dutch, Greek,  
Danish, Hebrew, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Serbo-
Croatian, Turkish, Finnish, Check, Swedish, etc.

Our interpreting and translation department provides
consecutive and simultaneous interpreting,
proofreading, written translation, at various events
and venues:
-   Business meetings, conferences, symposiums,
-   Press-conferences, media briefings
-   Courts, governmental agencies, attorneys’ offices
-   Medical appointments
-   Sports competitions
-    International exhibitions and many more…
-   Tourist guides-interpreters for groups and individuals
Areas of specialization:
-   Technical, medical, legal, sports, arts translation and
-   Translation of technical documentation, books, articles,
reports in different areas of science and technology;
-   Translation of press-releases, documents of meetings
and conferences, exhibition booklets;
-   Literary translation: fiction, science fiction, poetry, etc.;
-   Translation of feature films, documentaries, video clips;
-   Translation of content for multi-language web sites;
-   Translation of documents: birth certificates, marriage
and divorce certificates, death certificates, passports,
driver’s licenses, medical records, legal and court
documents, and other documents;
-   Legalization of translation of documents by notarization
of the translator’s signature.
International Interpreting, Translation & PR Services, LLC